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The Safe Zone and Bowling programs demonstrate ways to further community involvement with schools through encouraging volunteerism and fundraising efforts to bolster underfunded schools. A key differentiator is the involvement of volunteers in programs that teach and encourage school students directly, which helps kids feel loved and encouraged. 

Community & Education Events

The Community Table

Love Thy Neighbor CDC coordinated alongside, Hadassah and Tanner Vincent, Claire Davison, and Layna Capritta their high school senior year Capstone Project, providing 100 daily…


Safe Zone Activity Day at John Muir Academy in Long Beach, CA was a huge success. Our theme this year was LEARNING INTO DESTINY. Don’t…

Love Thy Neighbor helps Just Seeds Robotics Lab

Via Riverwalk STEM Academy @ Just Elementary School “Our 5th grade students love their new robotics lab. Our students are building collaborative skills as they…

The worry-free fun Safe Zone Activity Day is filled with joy and laughter from the students, faculty, and volunteers. It is a moment in time to bottle up and hopefully to encourage others to support local public schools in underserved communities. Together we win and have the power to make a positive social impact!

-Tommi VIncent

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