Love Thy Neighbor’s Work at the 2022 Super Bowl and Beyond

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The past year has posed challenges to many of us, especially communities that were already underserved and under-resourced before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. As we collectively continue to navigate, Tommi and I have been inspired to even greater levels of service and we hope that you will join us.

As you may know, our family’s 501c3 nonprofit Love Thy Neighbor (LTN) supports and assists students and student athletes in their college education, in youth football groups, local community outreach and through our high school-college tour. We believe that athletics is one of the very best mechanisms to help young people develop the resilience and tenacity to endure some of the challenges that will arise in life. In the current economy with cash strapped schools, walking the tightrope of budget restraints but still needing to show up for students and their community, we know LTN’s role is even more important.

If you’ve been following us for the last few years, you’ll know that we’ve expanded our impact beyond our hometown of Trenton, NJ to also serve schools in the Super Bowl host city through our Safe Zone Activity Day and school fundraisers. We’re proud that along with a host of partners and volunteers, we’ve raised more than $300,000 to impact thousands of students in Atlanta, Nashville, Miami, and Tampa. Los Angeles is next.

As a result of our work in those cities, schools were able to meet the moment of the pandemic with much needed laptops for distance learning, STEM supplies to help grow the next generation of doctors and scientists, and bridge educational material gaps expressed by the school communities.

Looking toward the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, we are partnering with John Muir Academy in Long Beach to benefit the school’s list of needs impacting the current 1,000- plus students for generations to come.

We remain focused and intentional in our effort to support young men and women to grow into adults that not only survive, but that are poised to thrive in this world — an aspiration that underpins everything that we do. As we continue our work, your donation of any size makes a difference to us, and our effort to serve these young men and women. To make your donation online, visit

Again, Tommi and I are very thankful for you, your prayers and your support of LTN. As the Bible says, “Let us not grow weary in doing good.” We thank you in advance for your generous consideration.

God Bless,
Troy and Tommi Vincent

Love Thy Neighbor is a humanitarian effort defined by giving back to those in need throughout communities across America Teacher among kids with computers in elementary school class Love Thy Neighbor partnerships with school systems, food suppliers, and resource providers impact local economies while resourcing a range of needs in underserved communities Through Love Thy Neighbor, the Vincent family has established a legacy of giving back, service to others, and a commitment to improving the lives and potential of others. end Welcome to Love Thy Neighbor Get Involved!

Troy and Tommi Vincent founded Love Thy Neighbor Community Development & Opportunity Corporation. LTN is near and dear to the Vincents’ hearts because it has allowed them to create a solid vision for economic growth and leadership that has, in turn, empowered countless community residents.  

Love Thy Neighbor started in Trenton, New Jersey where Troy and Tommi grew up, and expanding in communities of need across the nation today.  LTN impacts these communities by addressing inequities in education, shortage of school supplies, lack of resources and limited exposure to higher education.

Prior to establishing Love Thy Neighbor, the Vincent family gave their time, talents and treasures to numerous non-profit organizations. They realized, however, that they could have a more immediate impact and direct their money and other resources to people in the community by creating their own community development corporation, which reflects their personal values and beliefs.


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